Benefits of Surgery

What do we know?

The following outcomes of immediate benefit and benefits after 48 hours and 3 months were reported from a study of 3000 frenulotomies taking place in the north-west of England. 

Immediately post procedure:

Early outcomes showed of 3000 frenulotomies, 96% of women reported an immediate difference in their babies' feeding (breast or bottle feeding) at the first feed following the procedure.

The differences included, less discomfort and pain during feeds, softer suckling, deeper latch which the baby maintained, swallowing more, nipple not misshapen at feed termination, no dribbling milk. In bottle fed babies mothers reported quicker feeds (10 to 20 minutes), less or no spillage, more controlled sucking and swallowing.

At 48 hours after the procedure, whilst not all mothers could be contacted, of those that were 78% were continuing to report differences in their babies' feeding.

At 3 months post procedure 21% of mothers answered the call. The sample is small therefore data must be interpreted cautiously. However, 44.6% reported that they were continuing to exclusively breastfeed their babies

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