COVID-19 Information

During the current pandemic, I have increased my use of personal protective clothing to include aprons, gloves and masks. This will reduce the risk of potential contamination and cross infection. I also will conduct a virtual consultation prior to all clinic appointments to ensure attendance is appropriate.

You must not attend an appointment if you have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or you if have a cough or/and  temperature within the past two weeks.


In order to protect all my clients, and my family, I aim to restrict my contact to one parent at the appointment, until all government restrictions have been lifted. This is to measurably reduce the risk of COVID transmission and to keep all clients and babies safe. If you do not feel comfortable attending for any reason I am happy for your partner to attend and feed the baby with expressed breast milk or formula, as appropriate. I would always encourage mothers, who are breast feeding, to attend in order to make the most of the opportunity for support post procedure with feeding as, once the baby has been assessed, you can move to a feeding room to prepare for the baby whilst I release the tongue tie, if you do not wish to observe.

If you aim to both attend please ensure the benefits of both parents attending outweighs the potential risks to all. Masks will be required at all times whilst in my presence.


Please use the contact form below, if you have any concerns or questions I will be happy to discuss your needs and advise as appropriate. 

In line with government recommendations I am taking twice weekly COVID 19 self tests.

Advice received from the Care Quality Commission states:

We would expect that providers of community-based frenulotomy services should assess on a case-by-case basis the risks of attending a new-born infant and its mother during this time of lockdown against the clinical need for the procedure at this particular time. If the healthcare professional assesses that the procedure is essential, we would expect them to use the appropriate PPE and take strict infection prevention and control measures to reduce the risk of viral transmission in the household. We would expect them to also have discussed the risks and benefits of the procedure against the risk of transmission with the baby’s mother and to have documented this discussion and the risk assessment they have undertaken.
We do not want to prevent essential services from being provided in the community, but expect providers to have carried out a comprehensive risk assessment before they are undertaken.