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About me

I am  founding member of the Association of Tongue-Tie Practitioners (ATP) was proud to be their first chair, and currently support the organisation by being a committee member and holding the role of media lead. I am passionate about supporting families with babies who have tongue-ties. I have been recognised for my contributions and have been made an honorary member of the association in recognition of my contributions to the organisation.
If you want to learn more the ATP, read information for families, or search the directory of other practitioners in the UK, click here. When I discovered information about tongue-ties in 2007, it was my 'lightbulb' moment.The path was set for me to acquire training as an IBCLC and for experience and competency in frenulotomies (division of the tongue-tie) to complement my role as an Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife in the NHS.

Registered Nurse

1990 - 1992

Cambridge and Huntington School of Midwifery

Following qualification I relocated to Bedford and worked in theatres and A&E. Promotion led to a spell in Luton and Dunstable as an intensive care nurse.

Registered Midwife


Bedford School of Midwifery

I practiced midwifery as a community, ward and delivery suite midwife until 2008, including 5 years in a Sure Start Programme, focusing on woman-centred care. Subsequently, I spent 7 years as an Infant Feeding Lead midwife before moving into independent practice. I remain live on the NMC website as 'fit to practice'.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultation


International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA)

In 2009 I decided that I needed expertise in my chosen field and I am proud to have earned and retained the accolade of an IBCLC by 5 yearly recertification. I and use my wealth of experience and knowledge to support complex feeding issues for breast and bottle fed babies. 

Postgraduate Certificate of Supervision of Midwifes


University of Hertfordshire

I have always been passionate in supporting women, partners and their choices and the role of a Supervisor of Midwives empowered me to support families and midwives in practice.

Tongue-Tie Practitioner

I was trained and certified as competent in frenulotomy (division of tongue-tie) under the guidance of Dr Mervin Griffith's team at Southampton General Hospital.

Examination of the Newborn


University of Bedfordshire

This module gave me the necessary skills to undertake the initial examination of the newborn.

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