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Received a wonderful start to the day today with this:

This morning I was getting my girls ready for the day and to entice my nearly 20 month daughter over to get her socks on, I asked her if she wanted milk. She rushed over and snuggled up against my breasts, pulling my top down, ask for milk. As I began to feed her and my husband suddenly commented on how amazing it is that we are still going, especially considering the rocky start we had. He then mentioned you and I could eat that without you, things would be very different indeed, I am sure. I find you in tears when my daughter was about 10 days old and you came over that evening. I had fully expected a long wait and all my hopes and dreams of breastfeeding successfully would be over. You divided her tongue tie and I noticed the difference in her latch immediately. And then here we are, all these months later. It means so so much to us and honestly I cannot thank you enough. I just felt I should message you and let you know.

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