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Long terms impact of being tongue-tied

I was very fortunate recently to have presented a talk on long-term impacts of being tongue-tied at the annual Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners  conference in Warwick University. I was grateful the talk received such excellent feedback but cannot take the credit for the knowledge I have acquired over the last 10 years since I found out about tongue ties and the impact on breastfeeding.

Tongue ties are associated with feeding difficulties not only for breastfeeding but bottlefeeding, weaning foods, picky eaters, food adversion and most parents cannot see beyond speech issues which are broadly talked about on the Internet. I cannot help but think it would be useful for parents to share their experiences of trying to feed and introduce food to tongue tied babies who have not had a division. If you are a parent who has had this experience I would love to talk to you and consider putting your story on my Internet site. 

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