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Looking for expert guidance and support for feeding your baby? Look no further than Babytobreast Ltd.
Since 2011, Suzanne has been providing comprehensive services to promote the best possible outcomes for all babies, regardless of feeding method.
With clinics in Sheffield, Nottingham, Solihull, Derby, and the Peak District, Suzanne offers both breast and bottle feeding guidance, as well as release of tongue ties.
Trust in Babytobreast Ltd for expert support in achieving your feeding goals.
Professional tongue-tie division and infant-feeding support provided by a Registered Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Tongue Tie Practitioner 

Service Vision

At Babytobreast Ltd, we are dedicated to providing experienced, expert services for infant feeding. Our goal is to support families with infants under one year by offering timely appointments to assess and treat feeding difficulties. We believe in delivering robust, evidenced-based, and person-centered treatment and support to all families, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion.

Benefits of Surgery

A study of 3000 frenulotomies  found:

Immediately post procedure:

Early outcomes showed of 3000 frenulotomies, 96% of women reported an immediate difference in their babies' feeding (breast or bottle feeding) at the first feed following the procedure.

The differences included, less discomfort and pain during feeds, softer suckling, deeper latch which the baby maintained, swallowing more, nipple not misshapen at feed termination, no dribbling milk. In bottle fed babies mothers reported quicker feeds (10 to 20 minutes), less or no spillage, more controlled sucking and swallowing.


48 hours after the procedure, whilst not all mothers could be contacted, 78% of those that were, reported differences in their babies' feeding.


At 3 months post procedure, 21% of mothers followed up with the study.  44.6% reported that they were continuing to exclusively breastfeed their babies. 

Consultation Types

I offer different consultation types depending on you and your baby's needs. All clinics may be booked directly through this link.  It's important to note that support with feeding post frenulotomy is crucial for successful feeding and not all providers offer this service. We treat all types of tongue tie and the risks are rare and fully explained as part of a comprehensive consent process. It's also important to assess the feeding history of babies before determining if surgery is necessary.

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