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Postcode DE4 2PG - not always accurate

Peak District Clinic Directions and Instructions

The clinic is located on the A5012 and is easily reached from the A515 (Buxton/Ashbourne) or the A6 from Matlock direction. 

On approach to the turning slow right down as you go downhill. At the lowest point there is a turning marked Parwich, and directly opposite is a private drive. This is our shared driveway. It has Mouldridge Grange on the gate. Speed limit 15mph on driveway please as animals, (and people),  may be roaming. 

The drive past the large farmhouse on the right and through to a large gravel courtyard. My home is the right side of the semi-detached barns. Please only park directly in front of the main green door on the right (by the stone staircase) see the yellow hatchings, as I do not own the courtyard. Please ensure you park close to the wall to permit other visitors to park on the right side.

View when coming from Newhaven

View when coming from Parwich

View when coming from Cromford/ Winster/ Matlock/ Chesterfield/ Sheffield

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