Peak District Clinic Directions and Instructions

The clinic is located on the A5012 and is easily reached from the A515 (Buxton/Ashbourne) or the A6 from Matlock direction. 

On approach to the turning slow right down as you go downhill. At the lowest point there is a turning marked Parwich, and directly opposite is a private drive. This is our shared driveway. Drive past the large house on the right and through to a large gravel yard. The clinic is in the right of the semi-detached barns. Please only park directly in front of the main green door on the right (by the stone staircase).

Contact Suzanne

For enquiries, text or call (voice mail facility):


For non-urgent enquiries (voice mail facility):

01335 390097


Please mention your postcode, a contact number and baby's date of birth so I may respond asap.

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