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Infant feeding and Tongue Tie Release Services for both breast, bottle or combination fed babies under one year

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Consultation + or - release of tongue tie

The professional fee is for a full assessment of your baby's feeding ability by an experienced midwife and lactation consultant. This appointment will include support for positioning and attachment or review of current feeding method and a plan of care with the aim of resolving your feeding issues. Should a release of a tongue tie be appropriate this is offered in the same appointment with additional fee payable. This appointment is for both breast and bottle fed babies up to 1 year

Week day clinic appointment £120  (Twins £180)

Fee increased to £220 (£330 twins) with tongue tie release

Out of Hours appointments supplement of £50 in Peak District Clinic

N.B Unfortunately I am unable to offer this appointment to families who have already had a frenulotomy by another private practitioner without prior discussion. Please call me to discuss on 07547897876.

Ongoing breast feeding support for existing clients

This appointment is to provide ongoing support for existing clients with positioning and attachment and/or supplementation.

Review of wound site following tongue tie release


This appointment is for any concerns on wound healing, for existing clients only. If feeding support is also required please book the ongoing breast feeding support appointment to ensure length of appointment is appropriate.


Home Visits for release of tongue tie and/or support


Limited to newborn babies who are unable to feed. Subject to availability and location. Contact Suzanne on 07547897876 or use the contact form at the foot of the page.


Please note that we require a 24-hour notice for appointment cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to do so will result in a full fee charge. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us serve all our clients efficiently. Please call if appointment within 24 hours 07547897876 Thank you

Happy Girl Texting

Hey there! Want to chat before booking? No problem! You can call us to discuss any queries before booking. 
Text Suzanne on 07547897876 to request a call back. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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