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Consultation Services

Strength in Support

"You can only do your best with the knowledge and support you have been given at that time"

Newborn Baby
Thoughtful biracial mix of Hispanic and

Feeding assessment and support


*Fees reduced by £45 if deposit paid already.

The professional fees are for a full assessment and support for feeding issues.

Note the fee is increased to £220* if release of tongue tie is performed.

Clinic Assessment and Release of Tongue-Tie

Week day clinic appointment £220 (Twins £320)

Out of Hours appointments in the Peak District £270(Twins £370)

*Fees reduced by £45 if deposit paid already.

The professional fees are for a full assessment of your baby's tongue function and appearance of the baby's mouth, release of a tongue-tie and support with feeding post procedure. This is an important part of my service which is not always provided where practitioners do not have expertise in infant feeding. (Strictly for infants under 1 year)

Note that the fee is automatically reduced to £150 if division of tongue-tie is not required for twins or recommended and feeding support and plan is provided.

Should further surgery be required to release any scarring there will be no extra charge for the repeat surgery. Appointment fee for review will be applied.

Ongoing breast feeding support for existing clients

* Fee reduced by £45 if deposit already paid
This appointment is to provide ongoing support for existing clients with positioning and attachment and/or supplementation.

Review following tongue tie release


*Fee reduced by £45 if deposit already paid.

This appointment is for any parental concerns on outcome following tongue tie release to review wound, for existing clients only.

Home Visits for release of tongue tie and/or support

£320 (Reduced by £45 if deposit paid)

Limited to a 20-mile radius of DE4 2PG for newborn babies who are unable to feed. Subject to availability. Contact Suzanne for further enquiries.

Available Clinics

I hold regular clinics for babies up to 1 year, the Peak District, Beeston, Sheffield and Solihull.

Peak District

Evening or weekend appointments sometimes possible on request. Text 07547897876 to request.

Clinic held Wednesday and Fridays

Priory Barn







Clinic held every Thursday.

c/o Tri Wellness

 Woodfield Farm

Norton Lane


B94 5LS




Clinic held every Tuesday.

c/o The Humber Therapy Centre,

132a Queens Rd E,

Beeston, Nottingham





Clinic held every Monday.

c/o The Osteopathic Practice,

1 Sale Hill

Sheffield S10 5BX



You may cancel your clinic appointment anytime prior to 4 hours, all you need to do is drop me a text or email to cancel, please share name booking made under. Deposits are none refundable if less than 24 hours notice is provided. If you need to reschedule please text 07547897876 to request.

Unfortunately, due to the demand for appointments, I will charge £100, less deposit, if you fail to attend a clinic appointment or not cancel within 4 hours of your appointment time.

Please remember to cancel at least 4 hours in advance to avoid further charges and free up an appointment for another family. Thank you.

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