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What is a tongue-tie?

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Are you concerned about your baby's feeding (breast or bottle)?

Need professional help to find out why you are having problems?

Receive advice and support to improve your feeding relationship by an expert with 14years experience in tongue tie release.

CQC registered Specialist Midwife and Lactation Consultant clinics currently held by Suzanne Barber in Beeston, Solihull, Sheffield, Derby and the Peak District.

Same or next day appointments are possible in the Peak District clinic, please use Contact Form.

Out of Hours appointments for newborns unable to feed possible in the Peak District (£50 surcharge), please use Contact Form below.

Only babies under 1 year treated.

Research suggests that approximately 1 in 10 babies may be born with some membrane under the tongue. But only about half of those babies display significantly reduced tongue function, making infant feeding difficult.

These babies are likely to benefit from treatment to release the restriction that the membrane is having on the tongue and enable to baby to feed effectively.

Problems which may be due to a tongue-tie:


  • Sore/damaged nipples

  • Nipples which look misshapen or blanched after feeds

  • Mastitis

  • Low milk supply

  • Exhaustion from frequent/constant feeding

  • Distress from failing to establish breastfeeding


  • Restricted tongue movement

  • Small gape resulting in biting/grinding behaviour

  • Unsettled behaviour during feeds

  • Difficulty staying attached to the breast or bottle

  • Frequent or very long feeds

  • Excessive early weight loss/ poor weight gain/faltering growth

  • Clicking noises and/ or dribbling during feeds

  • Colic, wind, hiccoughs

  • Reflux (vomiting after feeds)

Download the Association of Tongue Tie Practitioners Parent Information Leaflet

Release of tongue-tie procedure

More information

Photos of tongue tied babies

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Positioning and attachment support following release of a tongue tie

This short video revisits the advice on how to support your baby to breast or chest feed following the release, by facilitating their instinctive natural feeding behaviours. 

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